Hello! My name is Rémi and I program games.

I'm quite the programming fiend


About Me


I chose to make the Breath of the Wild cooking mechanic as my specialisation project. Over the course of 5 weeks I planned, researched and developed this mechanic in Unreal Engine 4.

I created a system to make base foods and foods with status effects, and combine them on a cooking table. The resulting dish is generated from recipes loaded from a file, ready for a designer to get at!


saveTheWorld.exe, is a Resident Evil 2 inspired third person shooter created by Raveyard. We focused on creating a suspensful horror experience with resource management and enemy avoidance as the core.

For this project I tried to be adaptive and help out where I could. I worked on the sound engine, the node scripting system and finally some tools for mesh composition and Animation Events. Read More...



Polaris is a 2D platformer inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest. You play as Polaris, the North Star, and your mission is to find and collect your family who've fallen down from the sky.

For this project I worked mainly on the player, focusing on detailed and versatile collisions, the main movement mechanic and the players finite statemachine. Read More...



This project is a Diablo 3 inspired dungeon crawler with a focus on atmosphere and satisfying combat.

During this project I focused mostly on developing systems to build the gameplay in. I created a finite state machine for the enemies and player, and worked on the sound engine. The dialogue system was also created by me, as well as the HUD builder. Read more...



Interested in working together? Connect with me:

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