On an isolated island, the entire robot population has gone mad! You - a B9 Human Companion Unit - have been recruited to solve the crisis. Armed with only a pistol and your wits, you are the only one who can stop this madness.

Walk through the dimly lit shipyard and into the server room. The mainframe can't be far ahead. But are you doing the right thing?

This project, saveTheWorld.exe, is a Resident Evil 2 inspired third person shooter created by Raveyard. We focused on creating a suspensful horror experience with resource management and enemy avoidance as the core.

My Contributions

My main contributions for this project was tools related. I created a tool for the creation and usage of "Bone Sockets", a way to store positions in relation to a bone in an animation. That way particle effects, lights, weapons, hitboxes and anything else you would like can be attached to a an animated actor and stick to it perfectly even when it's moving. This system was used to make the weak points on the enemies as well as the armor that sits over it. It was also used to make the hitboxes that specified which bodypart that was shot so that the correct injury animation could be played.

After that I expanded on the tool by adding Animation Events, a system similar to Animation Notifications in Unreal4, although I didn't have time to make it very extensive. This system can be used for a lot of things but because of time restraint it was only used for the muzzle flare as well as some effects when the enemies are shot.

For most of this project I focused on helping others as there was a lot of complicated systems that needed to be implemented. Mainly, the programmer who was trying to implement the Node Scripting system that was required for this project was struggling and I spent quite an amount of time working on it with him to make it functional.

I also spent some time upgrading the sound engine since a Resident Evil 2 inspired game needed better sound in order to be immersive and have a suspenseful feel.

Raveyard members:

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