Shell Yeah!

Shell Yeah! is a 2-4 player PvPvP party game where players wield the shells off their mollusk/crustacean/amphibian backs and throw them at eachother to try to be the last creature standing!

My Contributions

During this project I worked with various parts as they were needed. As I am writing this after the project has been over for some time I will list only the most significant.

First I worked on creating the playercontroller and a system for placing the character in various ability-states.

Second I worked on a sound system that would play the character with the current highest scores theme and switch between the themes as the score updates.

Lastly I worked on the menus and UI and especially the level select + character select + win screen + score screen. During this endeavor I worked with Christos a lot since we had a big issue with transitioning between levels and gamestates.

Character Select

I solved character select by combining "prefabs". The game would then combine the selected character with the controller that chose said character to create a "player metadata".  Said data was then used to create the actual player object, give it the correct model, animations and outline colour. It would also keep track of score and which song should be played when the player is in the lead or wins.

There was a lot of trial and error for these features as I had an idea for how to solve it but learned what worked as I went.

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